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Issue 6: Democracy and Law (2013)

Issue 5: Imperialism, Finance, #Occupy (2012)

Issue 4: Crisis (2011)

Issue 3: General Issue (2010)

Issue 2: Globalisation and War (2010)

Issue 1: Inaugural Issue (2009)


Forthcoming Issues 2014: 'Modelling Worlds: The Politics of Simulation' & 'Hard Cash'

Early 2014 will see the publication of issues 7 & 8 of the Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies. With 'Modelling Worlds: The Politics of Simulation' we aim to be the first interdisciplinary journal to examine politically the repercussions of models and computer simulations. The issue will be launched at a panel hosted by the JCGS at the International Studies Association annual conference in Toronto, 29 March 2014. 'Hard Cash', edited by Angus Cameron, is a special issue also forthcoming early in 2014.

New editors Dr. Angus Cameron and Dr. Chris Clarke join the JCGS

The Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies is proud to announce the addition of two new members to its core editorial team: Dr. Angus Cameron and Dr. Chris Clarke. Their research specialisms within critical management studies and international political economy mean that they are well positioned to help drive the journal through its second development phase. This involving focusing on the cluster of disciplines – international political economy, critical management studies, organizational studies, and heterodox economics, amongst others – in which the journal wishes to position itself as a leading publication outlet for interdisciplinary dialogue. Read more.

JCGS at the International Studies Association Annual Conference, Toronto 2014

The JCGS will be hosting a panel at the annual conference of the International Studies Association in Toronto, 2014, Saturday 29 March 1:45 PM - 3:30 PM. The panel is entitled 'Modelling Worlds: The Spatial Politics of Economic Simulation' and will feature papers by three of the journal's co-editors, Angus Cameron, Chris Clarke, and Nathan Coombs, alongside papers by Benjamin Braun and Nick Srnicek, with Amin Samman as discussant. The panel is intended to launch the forthcoming issue: 'Modelling Worlds: The Politics of Simulation'

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