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Issue 5 'Imperialism, Finance, #Occupy' (2012)

Issue 5 features articles on resistance to war, the Occupy movement in Canada, the nexus of imperialism and financialism, and the investment surveillance mechanisms that work to curtail non-orthodox economic development policy. The issue also features a large symposium on the Occupy Wall Street movement with contributions from critical scholars in IR, IPE, and beyond.

Issue 4 'Crisis' (2011)

Issue 4 is a special issue on the theme of 'Crisis'. It features articles by Julian Germann, Nicholas Kiersey, and Benjamin Noys. The centrepiece of the issue is a debate between proponents of two major paradigms for understanding economic crisis: on the one side Andrew Kliman, and on the other Jonathan Nitzan and Shimshon Bichler. The issue ends with two theoretical comment pieces on recent events in the Middle East and North Africa, and a themed reviews section.

Issue 3 (2010)

Issue 3 was published to coincide with the 2010 Global Studies Association conference, which the journal organised that year. It features a mix of articles and essays from presenters at the conference. Highlights include Kenneth Houston's article on the global and national dimensions of corporate Roman Catholicism, and David Chandler on the problematic subject of human security discourses. It also includes an interview with Kanishka Jaysuriya.

Issue 2 'Globalisation and War' (2010)

Issue 2 is a special issue on the theme of 'Globalisation and War'. It features articles by James Brassett on cosmopolitanism after 9/11, and Nick Srnicek on theorising networks in global politics. There are also two essays on declining US hegemony and the imperium of reason, by Francis Shor and Victoria Ridler respectively. At the centre of the issue are two large roundtable discussions on transnational militancy and empire. Together they feature the thought of Christian Marazzi, Leo Panitch, Alex Colas, Sakia Sassen, Sanjay Seth, Faisal Devji, Saul Newman, and Kevin McDonald.

Issue 1 (2009)

Our inaugural issue features articles by Manfred Steger on globalisation and social imaginaries, Peter Meurs on Jean Luc Nancy, Shanon Brincatt on Hegel and cosmopolitanism, and Sanae Elmoudden on offshoring. The articles are complimented by essays, comment and review sections.


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