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The Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies is an anonymously peer-reviewed, open-access, interdisciplinary academic journal.

Since its launch in 2008, the journal has been successful at attracting high-quality article and commentary submissions from both established and early-career scholars at the cutting-edge of research in critical globalisation studies. JCGS has been discussed in publications such as the Times Higher Education Supplement and Le Monde Diplomatique, and high-profile themes such as the #OccupyIR forum in issue 5 have made an impact both within and beyond academic audiences.

The journal’s unique approach is to see globalisation studies not as a niche sub-field that is limited to exploring an established set of debates. Rather, JCGS takes globalisation in its broadest, philosophical sense: as a traversal from local sites of investigation to matters of global significance. The journal therefore sees globalisation not just as an ongoing and contested transformation of space and time, but also as an invitation to turn this very process into a means through which to develop new modes of thought and practice.

Over the next two years, the journal will be focusing more closely on political economy in its choice of themes for issues. The aim is to foster a productive exchange in the space between heterodox economics, international political economy, critical management and organisation studies, the social studies of finance, and political theory. During this period JCGS will move to a biannual publication schedule and aim to receive recognition by journal citation indices.

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Editorial Advisory Board
Prof. Costas Douzinas Prof. Leslie Sklair
Prof. Sandra Halperin Prof. Manfred Steger
Dr. Benjamin Noys Prof. Stephan Stetter
Dr. Christopher Perkins Dr. Illan Rua Wall
Prof. David Chandler Prof. Chris Rumford Dr. Nathan Widder
Dr. Larbi Sadiki  

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Journal Affiliations

The Journal of Critical Globalisation Studies is a partner journal of the Global Studies Association.